Quality shoes are designed and manufactured according to three principal factors :

  • The selected quality material
  • The manufacture
  • The authentic craftsmanship

VINEDGE uses all its resources to meet these requirements and provides you with quality shoes at affordable prices.
For its men’s collection, we give priority to the two most common types of stitching used in shoe manufacture:
- The Goodyear welted
- The Blake stitch


Goodyear shoes

The Goodyear welt stitch is a sign of quality with high finishings. This type of assembly assures a solid connection between the upper, the insole and the outsole. In fact, what is commonly called « goodyear shoes» refers to a second stitch made up of « small points » that connects the welt to the outer sole. This stitch, with a waxed thread making it waterproof, can sometimes be seen under the sole. This expensive dual assembly allows for subsequent resolings while maintaining unparalleled shape, sheen and comfort.


The Blake stitch

The Blake stitch is a classic single stitch used in the manufacture of the finest shoes. The stitching passes right through the outsole to the upper or the insole, with visible thread inside the shoe.